Scripting solution for call centers and contact centers in the cloud enabling agents to benefit from clear interfaces, Accurate and effective through the use of advanced controls.


Take advantage of the best web application generator for contact center.
Specialized in the creation of web applications dedicated to contact centers, SeeaSoftware™ finally gives you the means to realize your craziest interfaces.

The future of our competitors is here!

100% Cloud Solution

The Web Interface Editor eScript ™ Is a 100% Cloud application, thus relieving you of the cost of managing and maintaining dedicated infrastructures. 100% web and no plugin or client installation required, eScript allows you to manage all your needs from any web browser, from anywhere. No technical training is required to use the eScript editor. From standard mode to expert mode, you will be able to discover new functionalities as you progress. Having a library of custom scripts, the interfaces created are very easily reusable. Exporting scripts and reusing them for other campaigns is a breeze. No control is missing! Rich in features and wizards, eScript will allow you to offer your agents simple and very effective screens.

From simple labeling, to sending e-mails, to entering date, time or status indicators, dynamic data tables, everything is there to generate intuitive, ergonomic and Of an extremely fast loading.
With a powerful editor and an instant preview application, creating your scripts becomes a snap. The properties of objects and the various tools available allow you to customize your pages indefinitely.

Why Seeasoftware?

eScript Editor : The user interface allows client advisors to manage all their interactions in a unified environment common to all of your campaigns. So your agents interact much more effectively and can ultimately focus on their arguments. The customer feedback proves that the ergonomics provided By scripts generated using eScript Editor help agents and removes the stress of slowness and misunderstanding.

eScript Pilot : Allow your agents to have on all the production platforms of the same interface whatever the CTI used. EScript Pilot allows you to organize, with its powerful editor, a specific environment for each of your campaigns.
Management of the telephony bar, multi-windowing system, telephony bar contents, specific actions on each event of the bar agent.
In addition, the Pilot API allows to easily interact with all the scripts present in the interface.

Integration of your specific CRM or Databases One of the highlights of eScript is its ability to integrate other CRMs or non-native databases into the product. Your data is only accessible through an API? No problem, eScript manages plugins for accessing business data.

Your protected data. SeeaSoftware provides cloud databases that can be natively used by the application. However, it may be necessary, see imperative, To keep your business data within the architecture of the production center. To do this, SeeaSoftware offers to deploy the eScript Run application on your application servers.
By exchanging information in a secure and limited way, agents no longer need internet access to run the generated scripts.



The set of properties and attributes of each object is grouped together in a single window, allowing quick access to information. Depending on the skill level of the user, you can choose between 3 edit modes: Standard, Advanced, Expert.

Except for the typical objects available (more than 20), eScript Editor has more sophisticated objects like "Navigation bar", "Send email", "Data Grid dynamic", "Credit card", etc.

EScript Editor also gives you the ability to define template pages and apply templates as you like on the script pages.

The standard functions of an editor are of course present: Copy-Cut-Paste, Duplicate, Alignment, Scaling, Cancellation, etc.

The eScript application platform provides an interface for importing objects and pages from other scripts.

Many wizards simplify script editing: Generation of static or dynamic lists allowing the display of data tables, drop-down lists, objection lists, etc.


EScript has a complete interface for managing your databases. Management of tables, columns, content. This tool will allow you to query your tables and retrieve their contents. Thanks to the import wizard, you can prepare your tables for your different incoming, outgoing or emailing campaigns.

It has never been easier to link your objects to databases. With a simple "Drag and Drop" your objects are connected read and / or written to the columns of your tables. No table limits are imposed and each table has its own record opening key. A summary will inform you of the current state of the connections. Use them easily in the Action Editor.

Your global variables can also be linked to your databases so that they can be easily used in the action editor.


Bring dynamism and responsiveness to your scripts with the eScript action editor.

EScript has a powerful interaction editor. These actions consist of simple commands that you connect to each other by a simple "drag-and-drop". Each of the basic commands has an error management so that you can control all the problems that can occur.

Basic Commands: Alert, Confirmation, Text Entry, Simple Test, Advanced Test, Delay, Backup, Hide / Show Objects, SQL Query (select, update, insert, Email, Post, Get javascript code, action to bar CTI ePilot, etc ...


You have a powerful download interface allows you to customize your script: image files, style files, files available to email attachments, JavaScript files.
With these files, you can define script templates only by loading a style file. The Javascript files you download will allow you to To use functions or objects commonly used in your company.
Each file can be shared with all users of the company, or only by your script. You can create image libraries for your company.


The application allowing the execution of the scripts: eScript Run, can be chosen on the cloud servers of SeeaSoftware or deployed on your own servers. The latter solution allows you to access your sensitive data in a secure and sealed way.
With a "debugging" module, the eScript Run application allows your scripts to adapt to all web browsers, but also to the different devices currently available (PC, Mac, Phablet, Phone).


eScript is responsible for gathering navigation information and loading scripts. The reports, available directly in the editor interface, allow you to know the number of agents connected, the pages of the most viewed scripts, the time spent per page, the sequences of navigation types, etc.




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